Sun Guidance For February 2010

Written by Anfisa Sokolov
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The Tarot is a living book, moving, adaptable to all ages.

These archetypes represented by each major arcana speak about today. Each month, a Tarot card will be presented as a guide of the month. The goal is to feel the rhythm of the universe and the laws of co-creation with the Tarot.

February, zodiacal month of Aquarius, is usually linked to the Temperance card. Surprisingly, my clairguidance revealed me that in February 2010, it is the Sun, card XVIIII which is going to be present in our lives.

Here is the Sun guidance for the month of February 2010:

"I am the Light, the renewal, the reconstruction fellowship. In this second month of a strong year ahead, both personally and collectively, it is time to syntonize yourself with the new rythms. This month invites you to eliminate any mental, emotional, physical dust in your life. The light of consciousness requires purity, innocence and beauty to work through you. If there are still shadows, falsehood or hypocrcrisy in your life, it's time to bring light and love everywhere in your life. up to an higher vibrational octave.
The new earth is here, the Terra Lucida, the land of the new consciousness that emerges in this time of celebration and alchemical marriage between Mother-Earth and Father-Sky. You are invited to participate as Light Worker. Be what you are in all your uniqueness and your originality. Acting according to your highest ideals, and your highest Vibrations, the universe will support you. If you surrender in complete faith and confidence to the cosmic pulse rate, you will also feel it in your blood and your DNA.

Next month is another arcana that will guide you on the path of the manifestation of who you are, and expression of your being free and spontaneous!


– I put the light into my conscience, I spread the warmth of my love for Life in every situation I experience.
– I choose to align myself with my soul purpose and balance in all circumstances.
– I act according to these inner reference points to live and adapt myself with the flow of Life!

Helene Scherrer for Clairguidance

Credits:Helene Scherrer

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